Lizzy Wicks Therapy is a confidential counselling service in Weybridge, Surrey, London and Europe. Offering counselling, therapy and life coaching that can help support you through difficult times and help you find solutions to come to terms with depression, stress derived from life problems.

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Have you lost
Do you feel tearful or
Do you have outburst of
anger that at times leads to rage?
Do you
avoid conflict? which can make you feel disempowered.
Do you find you need to seek out
food, alcohol, drugs or other behaviours such as
gambling or over spending to help make yourself feel better.

Is your health and wellbeing beginning to suffer? and are your relationships failing as a result?

I provide therapy to help you try find a new direction in life - supporting you through the process of healing and help you to understand painful distressing issues past or present that often lead people into therapy. I work in an in integrative style that uses many different therapeutic styles and theories to suit the client.

Facing up to problems in therapy is often the starting point of healing and turning that corner can lead to a brighter happier future. Therapy can help with depression, stress, addiction problems, relationships, self harm, eating disorders. The problem causing distress may be a s a result of a recent event such as a failed relationship, divorce, or a sudden loss or bereavement. However at times past issues such as childhood adoption or
poor parental attachment issues, including abuse or trauma may continue to affect your daily life.

People often need more than being listened to - I feel that clients need support and direction to help them move forward and gain the motivation to make the necessary changes to improve and move on with their lives.

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I work with adults and adolescents.

Each client is initially invited for an assessment session to help me to understand the presenting issues or difficulties you are experiencing.
In this initial session I will take details of your background history, support system, lifestyle issues
and details of current coping mechanisms and behaviours and the difficulties you are currently experiencing.
Within my practice I include therapeutic methods such a psychological concepts,
humanistic listening therapy,
as well as CBT and DBT skills such a mindfulness and stress relief skills in my work.
I may at times use Food Diaries to identify whether your diet is affecting your well being as
good nutrition is a proven method of managing stress, anxiety and depression.

I am a knowledgable experienced therapist who has had many of my own life experiences to draw from
as well as the knowledge gained from academic studies.
I can help provide you with new ideas and wisdoms, and give a different perspective on your problem
which can help you to see problems or situations in a different light.
During therapy we can work together on practising and developing new skills which can relieve stress and depression by introducing new skills such as assertiveness, reasoning skills and mindfulness and de stressing techniques that can help you to address problems now and in the future
as well as develop and identify new goals.

Using 'Food Diary' information can help to maximise your wellbeing.
I can provide nutritional advice which contributes to the management of anger, stress and depression.

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This website is designed to provide information on some of the issues that I work with.
It is also meant to be a helpful resource to provide you with links and short videos on how the body and brain react
when experiencing anger, anxiety and depression.
I hope the information can help you to understand more about your condition and to let you know that there is help available to you.
It is suggested that you work through emotional problems with a trained therapist.

Please contact your GP to ensure you are able to try any of the suggested activities such as yoga or meditation.

Contact me on 07910 284089 or to arrange an appointment

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