BREAKTHROUGH SESSIONS are offered on a half daily or daily basis, over a weekend or a longer period of time from a few days up to a month - dependent on location.

An initial
Breakthrough week can take place in your own home  - to establish a therapeutic relationship with you and if necessary to meet family members who may also be able to help or need support themselves. Family dynamics can often keep you stuck in a situation and therefore some systemic and family therapy may be needed.

Breakthrough sessions include spending longer periods of time together with me - which enables me to get to know your environment and situation and enables me to start identifying core issues.
Identifying core issues can be painful and I can help you to process feelings and regulate your feelings to work towards healing past wounds.
A typical day would start in the morning - eating breakfast together and I would then join you in your daily activities so that I start to have insight into your world.
Therapeutic work can then commence - I find talking therapy is most effective but I also use CBT, EFT and mindfulness techniques as well as various other therapeutic methods to help clients overcome painful issues, problems or situations.

Breaks are needed and encouraged throughout the day as well as eating nutritiously as the work can be intense -
however the structure of the day can be worked out together to ensure that it works around family or work life.

Breakthrough sessions can work well with  eating disorders, post addiction treatment, codependency, loss and grief and childhood attachment issues as well as other issues.
I can travel to your home on a weekly basis to continue the therapy and/or give further support via Skype/Face Time calls. 

Rates vary - daily rate is circa £1200- £1500 per day plus expenses and travelling costs (pro rata for half day). Follow up Skype/Facetime sessions circa £250.
Please contact me to discuss suitability .

Current clients are located in London, New York, Los Angeles, Geneva, Zurich, Rome and Sydney, Australia.